A Roar In Harlem.  Based on true events.

This is the story of a young boy named Mike, whose family fled their native Jamaica in the 1970s, during a time of extreme political unrest.

In America they believed they would be safer and life would be better.  But life was anything but better.  Mike, estranged from his hateful father, and far from his loving mother, struggled to find meaning in his life and relief from his suffering. His struggle led him to drug abuse and violence.

Barely into his teens, Mike managed to amass a small fortune, along with a laundry list of crimes.

By age 15, his efforts earned him a Life sentence. For a while it looked like Mike’s story had come to an early end.

A few years into his bid, misfortune turned to miracle and Mike was free once more to menace the streets of America. But this time he would be smarter, this time he had a plan.

Now a young man, Mike set out to build an empire that would rival the most revered. Before long his name rang with respect from coast to coast.  Mike used his gifted mind to turn thoughts into dirty dollars, and dirty dollars into legitimate businesses.

By his mid-twenties Mike was running multiple, profitable enterprises – from a boutique music label, and a booming nightclub, to a bi-coastal Cosa Nostra of his own.  For a while it seemed there was no stopping Mike. He had his money, he had his mob, and he had the love of a good woman, but he would soon learn that you can’t have it all.

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